Episode 48 – We forgot how to do the show!

Here’s what we covered: Alabama’s family-values governor humiliated as racy phone call with his aide goes public Sarah Palin Signs Deal to Be TV Judge on New Courtroom Show  Michele Bachmann: Terror Attack On Brussels Is God’s Way Of Punishing Obama For Cuba Visit Paul Ryan regrets that ‘makers and takers’ stuff. Sort of, anyway. And their bringing back this guy? Google searches for moving to Canada jump after Trump wins  Black students ejected from Trump rally in Ga. Why I Have Not Endorsed Any…

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Episode 47 – The Porn Episode

Trigger warning: there are graphic descriptions of sexual assault in this episode. This episode we talk about PORN and SEX TOYS! The societal implication thereof and the effect they have on sexuality in general. Obviously we do this all while drinking and swearing. Here’s some helpful links: Our Bodies, Our Sex Toys: 6 Accessible Sex Toys To Peg or Not To Peg 3 Reasons Why Sex-Positivity without Critical Analysis Is Harmful Speed Read: Krakauer’s Campus Rape Book – The Daily Beast How the penis disappeared from…

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Episode 46 – The ASS Episode : Loomis, Kanye, and Bundy

In this episode we talk about assholes! Disgraced ex-cop Daniel Holtzclaw sentenced to 263 years for on-duty rapes, sexual assaults – The Washington Post Cleveland police union starts GoFundMe for officers fired in the 137 shots case | cleveland.com Militia Members Oppose Calls For Calm After Oregon Death, Arrests A Tweet-By-Tweet Breakdown Of Peak Kanye Going Peak Kanye And Breaking The Internet » VSB How Planned Parenthood’s accusers became the accused in Texas case | Reuters

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Episode 45 – #BlackLivesMatter vs #YallQuaeda

In this episode Ryan, Patrick, Jess, and Brian discuss the government’s, media’s, and society’s reaction to #BlackLivesMatter, in the context of the non-indictment of the officers who murdered Tamir Rice, and the reaction to the armed occupation of a federal building in Oregon by a group some call #VanillaIsis. Yes, that was one sentence. We don’t really specifically talk about articles, like in other shows, but below are some links we think would be helpful.  Before that though, here’s two ways you can help: Give…

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Episode 43 – Poor Shaming, Planned Parenthood, R. Kelly, and Holtzclaw

So we kind of run the gamut on this episode. Here’s the links ‘Steak Is For F*cking Taxpayers’: Man Harasses SNAP Recipients, Steals Their Food  Viral teen YouTube star renounces conservatism Multiple people injured by gunman at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs Right-wingers claim Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear is a trans woman Fox News Commentator Blames Planned Parenthood Shooter on Obama Here’s The Unbelievable Response From The GOP Following The Planned Parenthood Shootings Here’s What We Know About The Suspect In The Planned Parenthood…

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Episode 42 – Trump Went Full Nazi

Here’s the important stuff from the end of the show… the plugs: Amanda Elaine Jewelry – Handmade Jewelry inspired by and made in Cleveland UrbaKnits – Custom knitwear beautiful stuff And for the stories we talked about: Shit Republicans Say GOPers On Texas Board Of Education Block Proposal To Let Experts Fact-Check Textbooks That racist Trump tweet about blacks killing whites isn’t just false — it’s neo-Nazi propaganda Marco Rubio Admits He’s Pretty Damn Pleased The Paris Attacks Happened (VIDEO) Kasich Proposes New Government Agency To Promote…

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Episode 41 – We Won’t Be Dropping T, Thank You Very Much!

In this episode of LFSCast we missed Patrick. Why you ask? Because Patrick chose work over a hobby, that jerk! Anywho, we talk about some amazing things and some awful things.  But first, you need to help us raise money for an amazing person, Carey Gibbons. Here’s a list of things we talked about: A Handy Republican Translator Being black at work, but not too black The South Carolina Cop who brutalized a black girl A really awesome podcast: Black Girl Dangerous A cop who raped…

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Episode 40 – Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese, Rubio, Pole Dancing

This week Ryan, Patrick, Jess, and Brian sit down to talk about a whole slew of things, so let’s get right to it: Hypocrite Rubio: If I Miss Work, I Get Paid, But If You Miss Work, You Should Be Fired CNS Butthurt over Comics Jeb Bush loses his cool when dreamer asks him a real question about immigration Ann Coulter is mad at the Tea Party & Paul Ryan! Project Greenlight Names Episode: Hot Ghetto Mess Pole Dancing Mom Teaches Us the Importance of…

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Episode 39 – All the things!

We talk about all the things on this episode.  Here’s a rundown: Akron Charter Schools Close John Boehner Resigns Fiorina doubles down on Planned Parenthood Myth John Boehner is mad at Ted Cruz Huckabee: Won’t let go of Obama=Secret Muslim Good guy with a gun shoots victim of car jacking… runs away White people discovered dread locks? What the actual fuck Buzzfeed? Men’s Rights Activists discover that free speech isn’t consequence free Ted Cruz takes advantage of 13 year old boy Brooklyn Hipsters are douchebags Dave…

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