GOP Governors and Scandals

Bridge-gate has been unravelling for about a month and a half now and the indictments will be coming soon. The more interesting thing will be who gets indicted: the deputy chief of staff, the political hack, the favorite son, or the director of the port authority. You can figure out who those players are if you’ve followed the story. It’s the wait and see story of the first half of this year. But wait, there’s more. Check out this story over at MSNBC on misuse of Sandy Relief monies. Also this story on the tunnel fund scandal.

Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina now finds himself in trouble for helping his old pals at Duke Energy. Apparently, his administrations has taken over several Clean Water Act lawsuits and scuttled them for all intents and purposes.

The bigger picture here, besides schadenfreude, is the message these and other republicans use when running for office: responsibility. The question I pose is this: how and why do people still fall for this?

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