NPR’s On The Media: Bob Garfield #PeopleWeLove

Bob Garfield, one of the long standing hosts of NPR’s On The Media, we think, has finally said, “Fuck it!”, and to that we tip our hats, raise our glasses, clap our hands, even, dare I say, nod our heads approvingly.  The first thing you need to do is listen to his rant:

To be fair, we did borrow this from the OTM Podcast, which is available here in its entiretyYou can find this story staring at time code 9:24.

Assuming you listened, which is the only way the article can proceed at this point, meaning that you, yes you, need to hit play right up there. If you need to get your headphones out, we’ll wait.  Go ahead…

Good, thank you for listening. If you are like us, you are probably giddy with delight. This guy finally said, “Fuck It! I’m telling it like it is. This is fucking ridiculous.” At least, this author would respond as such, so I assume Mr. Garfield did that off mic as well. His point is salient, prescient, and more to the point, spot on. It seems that we have two levels of discourse in the media right now.  The left speaks with nuance and polish, see Rachel Maddow, The Young Turks, this podcast, Mr. Garfield, and many more. And when we screw up, we get fired.  Well, this podcast doesn’t, nobody pays us (that’s an article for another day).  See: Phil Donahue, Keith Olberman, Martin Bashir, and a whole slew of MSNBC hosts and correspondents.

Now, when the right says inflammatory and false statements, does anyone even care? Does anyone even listen? He makes a salient, prescient, and timely point.  I don’t know why this is, but I know that it is.  This isn’t the end of the conversation, it’s only the beginning.  In a future episode, we’ll be talking about this phenomena and how it impacts our society.  Before that, though, we want to know what you guys think.  Hit us in the comments, on facebook, or on the twitter.

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