Senator Ted Cruz – Sadface Because Marriage Equality

Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, is suffering from massive butthurt because of marriage equality. RightWingWatch has the whole story and the audio, listen only if you dare.

Cruz was on Janet Mefferds radio show last week to push for support of his State Marriage Defense Act. It is designed to roll back the changes Attorney General Eric Holder pushed through in the past few months. These included: federal recognition of all same sex marriages in all jurisdiction, extension of federal spousal privileges to same sex married partners, and the recognition of same sex marriages in Utah. There are a few more things it would do, but that’s not important right now, it will never get out of committee.

His words on the radio program were hilarious. I mean laughing till you cry and fart funny.

“They just want to use brute power to force the states to take down marriage laws that have been in place for centuries and that’s inconsistent with the Constitution, it’s not right and it’s heartbreaking.”

Marriage laws that have been in place for “centuries”. Right. Let’s examine that statement, shall we? Until 1973, there were no restrictions on gender in any state’s marriage laws. Maryland was first out of the gate, statutorily banning gay marriage. Math Time!2014-1973=centuries? Shit. He got us there, pack it in everybody! Ted Cruz has infallible logic. Fuck.

Seriously though, he said it’s “heartbreaking”! You know what’s heartbreaking, Senator? Partners of many years being denied benefits, access in hospitals, inheritance without probate, joint custody of children, spousal protection, and the respect of the state. That’s what is heartbreaking.

It’s not as if we are asking you, Mr. Cruz to find a guy to love; we are simply asking society to afford all couples the same respect and rights afforded to “traditional” couples. That’s all. What on earth do you think we were asking for?

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