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Thanks Canada… Thanks a lot

Did you know Canada has right wing ass-hats? They do! I have Canadian friends. Yes, I have friends. In real life. Okay, this sounds like me when I was 13,  “I have a girlfriend, but she goes lives a couple of towns away.” Back to the point,  my Canadian friends are members of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Which is funny, because on the whole, they are more liberal than I. So I just assumed, that if that is the “normal right” of Canada, the far-right couldn’t be that bad.  Right?

Meet Tristan Emmanuel.  He wants to bring back blasphemy laws in the US.  “Why?” you ask. Because, Bill Maher made him sad face about the Noah movie and God killing everyone, well, except Noah’s family and the animals they could fit on a pretty small boat.  Here’s a video, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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