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Patrick is a nerdboy who enjoys arguing with everyone. He came to his unbelief by learning more about the faith he was brought up in, Roman Catholicism. He now identifies as an atheist. When not mumbling into a microphone, Patrick enjoys reading, tinkering with Linux, playing games (both virtual and physical), binge watching TV shows on Netflix with his spouse, and drinking beer. Patrick tends to think the conversation is not over until the person who disagrees with has changed their mind or is beaten, bloody, and in a state of learned helplessness. Patrick has great interest in technology and psychology as topics. Just don’t ask him to fix your computer or your mind.

You Can’t Get Rid of Us That Easily

Hey fans! We haven’t dropped off the face of the earth or anything. We’re just on an unplanned hiatus due to some long-term scheduling conflicts. Between long-planned vacations and family emergencies, we just couldn’t find time in the last few weeks to record. It will be another couple of weeks before we can get back together again. We’ll keep you updated. Thanks for sticking with us.

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American Humanism Association Symbol with the "NOT" sign through it.

Master-General of the Order of Woo is the New Arbiter of Who is an Atheist

Looks like it’s time for me to turn in my Atheist card and quit all the secularism groups I’m a part of. The Woo Master-General, Oprah has essentially declared in an interview with Diana Nyad that she gets to dictate how someone should identify, religiously. Her verdict? Anyone who actually has ‘teh feelz’ can’t be an atheist. Sorry guys, it’s been fun. I guess because I’m a human being, I can’t be an atheist now. Background Nyad, age 64, is a long-distance swimmer who finished her fifth attempt to…

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an image of kindergartners

Faux News Reports Satire Story as Truth

Fox News, the Paragon of Truth, has a great scoop! That Muslim-terrorist-atheist in the White House is funding a Terrorism Museum right here in Real ‘Merica™! Fox and Friends just reports, so you can decide. Check it out with the video below. As you can see, this is incredibly damaging information! They got this story from a totally credible sounding news organization called National Report. With a name you can trust… you can trust it. Except there’s one teeny tiny problem… National Report is a satire site,…

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