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News articles commenting on how bad Fox News is as an actual News source.


UC Irvine Students Ban Flag?

California has finally gone ’round the bend. Students at UC Irvine have voted to ban the American flag, according to Todd Starnes at Fox News. Students at the University of California, Irvine have voted to make their school a more “culturally inclusive” place by banning the American flag. What they really did was ban all nationalistic symbols from their student government space, according to the actual legislation.  Here’s the meat of it: Let it further be resolved that no flag, of any nation, may be…

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Faux News Reports Satire Story as Truth

Fox News, the Paragon of Truth, has a great scoop! That Muslim-terrorist-atheist in the White House is funding a Terrorism Museum right here in Real ‘Merica™! Fox and Friends just reports, so you can decide. Check it out with the video below. As you can see, this is incredibly damaging information! They got this story from a totally credible sounding news organization called National Report. With a name you can trust… you can trust it. Except there’s one teeny tiny problem… National Report is a satire site,…

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