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News articles describing “christian oppression” in a majority christian state.

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Thanks Canada… Thanks a lot

Did you know Canada has right wing ass-hats? They do! I have Canadian friends. Yes, I have friends. In real life. Okay, this sounds like me when I was 13,  “I have a girlfriend, but she goes lives a couple of towns away.” Back to the point,  my Canadian friends are members of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Which is funny, because on the whole, they are more liberal than I. So I just assumed, that if that is the “normal right” of Canada, the far-right…

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Wing Nut Wednesday – Susan Knowles

You’ve probably never heard of Susan Knowles. You probably don’t own her vanity-press publication: Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember. You probably don’t follow her1 on twitter. So why bring her up? She’s, now I’m quoting a diagnostic code from the DSM-V here, “ass hat fucking crazy”. Trust me, that’s a condition. I found her by looking up the hashtag #ThingsYouWillNeverHearObamaSay on twitter.  Why, you ask? For you, the intrepid reader of this post, so you don’t have to. –Begin Rant– I found my way to her…

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And then there was one…

Christine Weick of Hopkins, MI spent today, October 16, 2013, protesting gay marriage outside the federal courthouse in Detroit. She held a sign reading: “WARNING! GOD draws a line on GAY MARRIAGE Read Romans 1:24-32 WOE to those who cross it!”, pictured right. We’re proud of her over here at Literally, Figuratively Speaking for two very good reasons: First, she’s helping the anti-equality movement become the parody of itself that it has been gunning for for years. Her standing there, all by her lonesome, holding her sign,…

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