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Monette is an atheist feminist activist who has been known to take consonance too far. Raised by hippie wolves, she has always been a disbeliever. Monette identifies as an atheist, anti-theist and humanist and will gladly tell you all about any of the three.

When not trapped in the room with the other hosts, Monette is a professional geek, non professional gamer, knitter and motorcyclist who enjoys not getting pop culture references. Really, she hates all TV shows and movies, though that does not stop her from watching and complaining about them.

On the discussion side of things, Monette doesn’t debate as much as she engages in Sarcaustic Response©. She leaves fixing computers up to the other two.


Patrick is scared.Patrick is a nerdboy who enjoys arguing… politely disagreeing with everyone. He came to his unbelief by learning more about the faith he was brought up in, Roman Catholicism. He now identifies as an atheist.

When not mumbling into a microphone, Patrick enjoys reading, tinkering with Linux, playing games (both virtual and physical), binge watching TV shows on Netflix with his spouse, and drinking beer.

Patrick tends to think the conversation is not over until the person who disagrees with has changed their mind is beaten, bloody, and in a state of learned helplessness.

Patrick has great interest in technology and psychology as topics. Just don’t ask him to fix your computer or your mind.

You can follow him on Twitter.


Brian - A host

Brian borders on atheism and anti-theism and is a reason based skeptic. He is also a professional contrarian; surprisingly, he disagreed with this statement.

In his time not podcasting or working he enjoys exercise, flying (he’s a pilot), cooking, reading, and arguing with theists.

Like his co-hosts, Brian is an all around awesome guy who works in IT.  And don’t bother asking him either, he won’t fix your computer; unless you have cash or cookies.

You can follow him on twitter, as well.


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