Workplace Lending – Another day working, another day deeper in debt

Alternet has a great article on workplace lending, read that payday loans from your employer.  Here’s how it works.  You need some extra cash, say to cover an unexpected bill or get through the holidays. You can now, at some companies and apparently soon, Google, ask your HR department or supervisor for an “advance”.  Wham, bam, thank you mam, it shows up right in your paycheck.  But here’s the rub, it comes right out of your paycheck too!  Plus, according to Inc. Magazine, your employer…

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“True” Christian Soldiers don’t have PTSD – David Barton & Kenneth Copeland

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or physical or sexual assault in adult or childhood1 . Given that this is a serious psychological issue, it is altogether right and fitting that a Christian pastor and a Christian “historian” weigh in on the matter.  To summarize their position, and I am paraphrasing here, you wouldn’t have PTSD if you were a…

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Wing Nut Wednesday – Susan Knowles

You’ve probably never heard of Susan Knowles. You probably don’t own her vanity-press publication: Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember. You probably don’t follow her1 on twitter. So why bring her up? She’s, now I’m quoting a diagnostic code from the DSM-V here, “ass hat fucking crazy”. Trust me, that’s a condition. I found her by looking up the hashtag #ThingsYouWillNeverHearObamaSay on twitter.  Why, you ask? For you, the intrepid reader of this post, so you don’t have to. –Begin Rant– I found my way to her…

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And then there was one…

Christine Weick of Hopkins, MI spent today, October 16, 2013, protesting gay marriage outside the federal courthouse in Detroit. She held a sign reading: “WARNING! GOD draws a line on GAY MARRIAGE Read Romans 1:24-32 WOE to those who cross it!”, pictured right. We’re proud of her over here at Literally, Figuratively Speaking for two very good reasons: First, she’s helping the anti-equality movement become the parody of itself that it has been gunning for for years. Her standing there, all by her lonesome, holding her sign,…

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American Humanism Association Symbol with the "NOT" sign through it.

Master-General of the Order of Woo is the New Arbiter of Who is an Atheist

Looks like it’s time for me to turn in my Atheist card and quit all the secularism groups I’m a part of. The Woo Master-General, Oprah has essentially declared in an interview with Diana Nyad that she gets to dictate how someone should identify, religiously. Her verdict? Anyone who actually has ‘teh feelz’ can’t be an atheist. Sorry guys, it’s been fun. I guess because I’m a human being, I can’t be an atheist now. Background Nyad, age 64, is a long-distance swimmer who finished her fifth attempt to…

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socialism slavery

Hyperbole from the right: Obamacare = Slavery

From RightWingWatch, Dr. Ben Carson, speaking at the Values Voter Summit, said, “Obamacare is really  I think the worst thing that has happened since slavery. It is, it is in a way, I think, slavery.”  The audience responded with applause, hoots, and hollers. He then went on to say, “It is slavery in a way, that it makes us subservient to the government.” For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Carson, he skyrocketed to right-wing stardom after an appearance at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast where…

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Scalia Believes in the Devil

  New York Magazine’s Jennifer Senior had the chance to sit down and talk with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The interview went pretty much where you would expect, here’s a quick breakdown: Scalia is a self described originalist He’s catholic as all get up He doesn’t hate gays, he just doesn’t approve We still don’t know what this means He believes in the devil Yeah, I thought you’d read that.  This was unprompted, the conversation before was about heaven and hell and Catholic dogma,…

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an image of kindergartners

Faux News Reports Satire Story as Truth

Fox News, the Paragon of Truth, has a great scoop! That Muslim-terrorist-atheist in the White House is funding a Terrorism Museum right here in Real ‘Merica™! Fox and Friends just reports, so you can decide. Check it out with the video below. As you can see, this is incredibly damaging information! They got this story from a totally credible sounding news organization called National Report. With a name you can trust… you can trust it. Except there’s one teeny tiny problem… National Report is a satire site,…

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Reasons to hate WebMD #1 Superfood Woo

This is a part of a series, the fact that it is number one only has to do with it’s chronological order in the series. It is not meant to imply that it is the primary reason to hate WebMD, it’s just the first one we are writing about.  There are plenty of reasons to hate WebMD, and we’ll get there. Now, a site that has MD in it’s name should give sound medical advice, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. As an…

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Richard Spencer, the new David Duke

This morning, I was browsing AlterNet and came across an article on a new generation of white separatists. The article features an interview and short biography of a man named Richard Spencer.  He runs the, innocuously named, National Policy Institute, and is the editor of the Alternative Right blog.  From the article’s description, and some later research, he’s David Duke reborn.  A racist with a tie.  He’s taken off the sheet, hung up the cross, and laid down the gas can. But he’s still just…

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