Voodoo practicing mom, kills her 3 children, wants cut of the estate

William Safire’s 36th and final rule of writing was: Last, but not least, cliches like the plague, should be avoided at all cost. I can’t help myself though, truth is stranger than fiction.  I literally couldn’t have had a dream so crazy as this story floating around the AP. The tile is NY MOM WHO KILLED 3 KIDS WANTS CUT OF THEIR ESTATE. This is a really sad story, actually. In summary, Latrice Brewer, a mother in New York killed her three children to save them…

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An Awesome Grandfather and a Crazy Christian

There was an episode of the West Wing called “The Stackhouse Filibuster” which features an older senator who, for some reason, is opposed to a family wellness bill; he ends up on the floor of the senate pulling a Strom Thurmond-esque filibuster. It takes the staff a little while to figure out what’s going on and why this nobody of a senator is out making a muck about a nothing of an issue.  Well, it turns out that his grandson has autism and the bill…

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Our first lesbian president?

Right Wing Watch has a story on Brian Fischer of the American Family Association going off on one of his rants about Hillary Clinton being, potentially, the first woman and lesbian President of the United States. Now, he refers to an interview in the Daily Mail Gennifer Flowers claims that Bill Clinton told her that Hillary was bisexual. Source credibility aside, there is one giant flaw in logic here, that Right Wing Watch fails to address in their article. Being a bisexual woman does not…

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