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Ohio Judge Orders Destruction of Evidence after Rape Trial

In Delaware County, Ohio, just north of Columbus, things have wrapped up in the murder trial of Ali Salim. He was convicted of murdering Deanna Ballman and her unborn child. I won’t get into the case itself, Huffington Post has a good summary of the case and trial. Salim was convicted and sentenced to more than 36 years in prison. He is currently appealing the sentence. More to the point, and to the headline for that matter. Judge Duncan Whitney approved prosecutors requests to destroy…

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Voodoo practicing mom, kills her 3 children, wants cut of the estate

William Safire’s 36th and final rule of writing was: Last, but not least, cliches like the plague, should be avoided at all cost. I can’t help myself though, truth is stranger than fiction.  I literally couldn’t have had a dream so crazy as this story floating around the AP. The tile is NY MOM WHO KILLED 3 KIDS WANTS CUT OF THEIR ESTATE. This is a really sad story, actually. In summary, Latrice Brewer, a mother in New York killed her three children to save them…

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